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Video 12 December 2018:

Video + Russian text:

Text in English, computer translation:

December 12, 2018 21:35

Valdis Pelsh continues the story of the autonomous rally in Antarctica

Kirill Kleimenov
You are watching the program "Time". Most likely at home. And in Antarctica it is watched by my colleague Valdis Pelsh, who participates in the first autonomous auto rally on the ice continent in history. Seven thousand kilometers, seven participants. A fresh report - right now.

We covered about 700 kilometers. We go somewhere on average 16-17 kilometers per hour. Could go faster, but there are three factors. First: the machines are still very heavily loaded. Second: height is 3500 meters. And the third: we began to pass the so-called snow swamps. It is deep and very shallow, it is like dust, like snow flour, in which the wheels begin to slip and the machine stands still.

We are saved by the fact that we have 6x6 all-wheel drive and low pressure cylinders. Vasily Elagin - the creator of "Emelya" - claims that if such a wheel hits a person, he will not feel pain. And now we all dream of hitting him.

Well, in general, we broke. In the morning there was a leak of oil in the gearbox. This is unpleasant, and in Antarctica it is impossible at all, because it is impossible for oil to drip onto the ground. Eliminated. Then we learned: water got into the fuel system. Probably during refueling in a blizzard. Eliminated.

Then the red car became cluttered. Eliminated. And at the end of the day we break the trailer. Eliminate. I hope that we will finish within an hour and have time today to go another 30-35 kilometers. We fly out of the schedule. Well, nothing catch up. And the driver has been working for 10 hours in the cold.

I can not say that we brought the culture of the latest electronic gadgets to Antarctica. But we are equipped with the latest technology. We have the opportunity via satellite to send videos about our journey, even though every day. Well, naturally, via satellite, we can call.

And we have a GPS tracker that determines our location to the one hundredth of a second. I mean the hundredth of a second in geographic coordinates. There is a red button here. SOS - if something happens to us, we press this button, and the whole world will know that we need help, come quickly. And we have an electronic animometer - a device for measuring wind strength. This is the most useless and unnecessary device on our board. Because whatever the force of the wind, we will still move forward!

Valdis Pelsh
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