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Some good points in syn's post ... particularly the two photos of the buildings , one 39 the other 59 beams wide , lol ... I can't believe they can be that sloppy , they want to be caught ....

Originally Posted by synergetic67 View Post
The most that Wood can claim is that the towers were brought down by some other means than regular controlled demolition with dynamite (the method of literally ALL other controlled demolitions of buildings)
For a start dynamite is NEVER used on steel frame demolitions , it's always thermite/ thermate , and thermate residue was found in the dust of 9/11 ... beyond doubt it was used to 'bring down ' the towers ... Wood agrees and is suggesting exotic weaponry was used to dustify the towers as they fell. she is an excellent source.

Originally Posted by king octopus View Post
On September 11th 2001 I was a freshman in highschool and our teachers immediately stopped our classes and all day in every classroom all we did was watch the live feed of the towers. In 2nd period the 2nd' plane' hit live while we watched and at first nobody knew what to make of it. My teacher exclaimed 'did you see that!' and the news reporters said ' it's looks like another plane has hit the other tower, but we'll have to wait to get a confirmation on that.' Seems kind of stupid that they would need confirmation to report something they had seen with their own eyes but years later I finally understood why. The plane I saw hit the 2nd tower live that day did not look like the plane in any other video I have seen since then, and they never replayed the footage I saw at that moment.
The plane I saw was smaller.....

Interesting post octopus .. noticed all classes were stopped , and kids were watching over and over 9/11 .... this would makes shure the event had maximum trauma impact on young minds...

What we know for sure is the official commercial jets did not impact the towers ...a 1000 pilots have said it's not possible for them to perform the maneuvers!!

Also glaring inconsistencies in the footage shows the planes were airbrushed in latter ..

Why would they have anything impact the tower??? Much easier to let off pre planted explosives at 'impact' points.

Perhaps the small plane you saw hit on that day was an early attempt by the news agency at fabrication , which they later withdrew and replaced by a better one ... they know they can get away with anything ... most people are half asleep!
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