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About Frusciante and Phoenix; he went to the Viper Room and hoped to jam with Flea. Apparently brought his guitar and everything. This was around the time that the RHCP were transitioning from a cult band to a mainstream act. There is a lyric in "Give It Away Now" that goes

"There's a River born to be a giver
Keep you warm won't let you shiver.."

According to Kiedis, that was about Phoenix, and they were all close. Around this time was the time that Frusciante nose dived into a serious heroin addiction and went deep into living in old hotels, blood on the walls, wearing diapers, lost all his teeth...... then they rehabbed him a few years later and he came back with the band again. But I heard about him handing Phoenix the cocktail before.... It's been strongly suggested that sacrifices must be made in some instances for certain artists to reach the pinnacle. The Chili Peppers broke out then, and something happened that severely altered Frusciante's outlook on life at the time as well.

Maybe Phoenix was their sacrifice. He was a friend, they loved him, he was living a fast lifestyle and hey..... it might've happened to him anyway. Not saying it's right, but you have to justify it somehow.

(OH BTW, we can't name names on here because of libel. If someone is named in an investigation and it can't be considered libel, all bets are off. But otherwise, it's no go, not worth having the site shut down)
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