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Originally Posted by ronisron View Post
Great posts, excellent start to the thread. This info needs to spread. At halloween, I used to watch the Lost Boys, it came out when I was a teen and it was great at the time.... But it's tainted, I can't watch that movie and not think about the shit those kids were being put through. How many of those movies are there?
Yeah great filmt but now like ughhh, was just saying to my mate the other night one actor I hardly ever see in films is Kiether Sutherland...

His dad Donald recently spoke about how the film the hunger games is an allegory for the world just now. He also played Wilheim Reich in Kate Bush's video cloudbusting. It's obvious Donald Sutherland is very awake to the world we live in, Kate Bush too I might add, maybe Kiefer got refused a lot of roles as he wasn't in the club. He was in lots of big films back then, then hardly seen him, sure he done that programme 24 but nothing else notble. He did do dark city, great film about conciousness creating reality, lot of nwo themes etc. kinda pointing to one of the good guys, hence no big roles eh...
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