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Default Known Contactees, and

Hello all, made this thread for contactee info to be spread here. In time I will add a bunch of notes/claims/history here from various contactees. Feel free to add to it if you have pertinent info.

Also, just launched 2 days ago. Its a website the nordics have asked me to make based on their ideas. If you know any contactees of any type(Angels/Demons/ETs/etc) please let them know about it so we can document their experiences!

I'll start the thread with the well known Andromedan contactee Alex Collier and his interviews and some content on the web about him including his free ebook:

Interview in 1994 (UFO Hypotheses - Alex Collier Volume One)

Lecture in 1995 (UFO Hypotheses - Alex Collier Volume Two)

Lecture in 1996 (At the Ranch)

Moon & Mars lecture

Radio interview in 1998 on Coast To Coast AM with Art Bell

Interview in 2000 with Paola Harris

Interview in 2001

Lecture in 2002 ("Whispers of the past". Collier shares the stage with Mike Russ)

Lecture in 2002 ("Defending sacred ground among the stars". Collier shares the stage with Mike Russ)

Lecture in 2008

Interview in 2009 (UFO Hypotheses - Alex Collier Volume Three)

Lecture in 2009 (Project Camelot: Awake & Aware Conference)

Lecture in January 2010

Defending Sacred Ground

Letters From Andromeda

Galactic (Michael Salla)

UFO (Rick Keefe)
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