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So we have the seal of a lock and curse upon all victims being placed upon the ritual by the Court.
The code for this part of the operation is represented by 3 – signifying royalty/ the crown, and coming after completion of the main rituals.
There were thus two parts of the seal – the statistical one representing all 666 and 111 victims, (777) and the lock believed to have been placed with the use of three killings (statistics I had previously attributed to the code 9 of the operation).
This was represented as 111 signifying code 3 (and three corpses + all deaths and incarcerations). This part of the operation ran from 1989 to 1990, until completed and closed by the Old Bailey hexcraft sentencing in December 1990.
This renders the total sacrificial victims as 66xcode 6, 33xcode 9, 9xcode 9 jailed, 3xcode 3 = 111 (with 99+3 deaths). The jailed men had also been included with the sacrificial victims statistics.

All parts of the operation/codes ran consecutively, apart from the ritual pathway.
The code 6 (alleged home suicides) ended 1986
The full number of raids believed to be 666 - to complete the 6,66,666 ritual hexcraft pathway was completed by 1989 (and possibly in 1987)
The code 9 (both Spannermen operation/alibi and "other" early violent deaths) ended 1989
Code 3 (the seal involving 3 sacrificial violent deaths) from 1989 to 1990 and ended with the trial
The trial and seal/ lock and curse completed by Old Bailey December 1990
The Royal honours for participation were awarded December 1990

The funding was successfully imposed onto the Spanner Case, (causing the Spannermen case to be inflated out of all proportion) and the amount never disclosed.

The killings under code 9 and code 3, believed to have been often carried out in outdoor secluded settings, but could have taken place anywhere, including the victims home, and believed to have been usually carried out by local teams (but possibly not every time) and would have most certainly involved participation of all members of the team - so where violent beatings or knife attacks were involved, attacks may have been made upon the victim by one team member after another being invited in turn, with a knife or whatever possibly being passed around the group, and following initial disablement of the victim.

The infliction of extreme and excessive over-the-top violence could therefore often be a trademark on some victims with resulting injuries possibly appearing to be both amateurish/crazed and experienced/precise.

Bearing that in mind, I believe we therefore have two very possible leading documented and contending accounts/ examples for such murders in part (from 1 or more) or in whole.
The first one may possibly come under code 9, - and those deaths are mentioned at top of page 163 of "The Dirty Squad".

with the other group of killings - - of which one or more may possibly be involved with code 9, code 3, or indeed both the 9 and 3 codings, and commonly referred to as the "1989-1990 West London Murders".
I personally believe 3 of these killings may have taken place for the three "seal" victims, prior to the court booking the trial. The street killing in Acton does not appear to follow the normal pattern, and may either not be connected, or had perhaps been rejected.

There will be others documented related to code 9 on perhaps a local nationwide level and distinguished as "unsolved murder of gay man." The suicides are most likely to be only documented for the purposes of the operation, and would not necessarily be reported in local media. Records of all victims should be with the Home Office, since a tally/ body count and IDs had been noted for the trial, and the security services had appeared to monitor the whole ritual and locations used, and possibly standing by to provide back-up where any problems may have arisen. The statistics had been all-important to the ritual.
The fact that the 66 are treated as possible "potential defendants" cannot be trusted as there is no documentation available relating to any wrongdoing, and they are now unable to answer questions altogether - in that respect, ANY victims should be regarded as "innocent" of any wrongdoing. They were all sacrificial victims of satanic ritual - that we DO know.

It had only been the 66 identities that had been used in the Spanner Case in order to bulk-out the figures falsely - it does not mean that they were indeed proven "potential defendants" in any way. The Spannermen had not known the 66. The reasons for the identities of the deceased being used for this purpose as "potential defendants" for the Spanner case had simply been to inflate the case to a "nationwide ring" in order to try and justify the extremely excessive and fraudulent costs.

Some of the "early deaths" may possibly have been rejected for ritual purposes, so the figure of 102 therefore represents merely the minimum number of deaths involved and not necessarily the full total.

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