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Very interesting post that and I do (with deep reservations) acknowledge that side of the argument myself and I think you're right to post as you suggest I don't think we'd all be dancing about hand in hand singing Kumbaya (nor would I wish to), still less so without TPTB basic ingredients ( back to the Romans basics again (TPTB of the time) things like pavements, roads , buildings, shops even up to and including indirectly energy, plumbing and lavatory systems, even the local fish and chip shop which operates on the same basic principles as the most sinister profit making multinational. Even David Icke books arrive courtesy of a profit making publishing house and printers. This very net system and site you are on now is facilitated by TPTB. Sorry, but it is. Without it you would not even have heard of David Icke.

I've no intention of living in a tree house in the middle of the Russian wilderness. I doubt at this age, either my body, mind or soul would benefit.

Regarding your animals reference it reminded me of a David Attenborough nature programme where it does occasionally happen on some islands that certain species are very docile owing to lack of predators. Which makes you think lack of docility in the animal kingdom up to and including Homo Sapiens on this site occurs owing to an awareness of a high prevalence of predators in whichever form (or forum).

The TPTB "system" is certainly being exposed for what it is more than it ever was - and certainly needs reforming in many ways, yet, as you say, to what alternative ? The majority of human beings I've met in life are not to be trusted without some 'system' in place. On the whole I'm not a believer in "good will triumph" by default from instinctively altruistic human beings - because a lot of people simply aren't like that, far from it. Though I am often pleasantly surprised. I know the naysayers will attribute that to TPTB social conditioning which could be reversed, but I'm not convinced. We may be long term evolving towards that point but not in our lifetimes.

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