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You managed to get Robert Bruce's practical self defense book yet ronisron? See I've seen you say a few times they're aware that I'm aware of them and things got worse/more difficult. See prim sure robert Bruce said try not let the negs know that your aware of them, just saying you read a lot of conflicting info with these things, good reminder though exactly what I needed, swear recently I'm getting really angry over really trivial things, like neighbours being twats and other such low level crap and I'm sitting here getting right angry and wound up then after it I'm like wtf am I all about.

It's funny also been really angry with my father as he was acting like a twat when he was visiting me recently but when I speak to him I just act like normal and I'm not angry, suppose that's a good thing as again it is kinda trivial, it's as if sometimes I'm ready to start giving him his character and what I thought about his behaviour but then I song and talk to him like the mate he usually is, as if it's just there waiting for me to give it out and I'm glad I've not you know, anyways food for thought threads like these definitely think such things go on.
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