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I'm glad i read that. I believe this wholeheartedly. I will say something, the moment you accept the above, is also when those entities ramp up their aggressiveness towards you.....

I've recently given up something I've done since I was a teenager -- pot smoking. I realized a few months ago that while it is an herb, it also lowers your vibrational field and makes you weak while you're stoned. I'm only speaking from my own perspective, not for anyone else.

I'm just quietly dealing with a lot of weirdness. I have been attacked in my dreams, I have been attacked in real life by people who were hateful towards me for the strangest of reasons. Not physically, but emotionally, personally, and spiritually..... it's been going on for years. I keep battling. I keep winning in small ways, but it's taken it's toll.

Oh well.....
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