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Originally Posted by itsallundercontrol View Post
The 'apollo stuff' is fake because whether the technology to travel to the moon or livestream in the 1960's was available or not, the united states government would not have risked 'live streaming' that event to a nation dependent on beating russia in the nuclear and space race. The welsh language is obviously real though.
This is a documentary about a secret mission to measure the deepest part of the ocean, organised by the US Navy in 1960.

At 10:37 the narrator says: "Only a few officers and scientists knew about the risky mission, which was launched in January 1960 from the Western Pacific island of Guam".

Then the mission's commander says: "Guam in those days was a kind of backwater. It was just right for us because we were trying to do this project sort of out of sight, because we weren't too sure if it was going to work. The navy just didn't want to be embarrassed by a failed science spectacular".
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