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Originally Posted by paradise found View Post
You can't just say that it isn't proved and tell me to shut up.

We share many physiological traits with herbivores, and none with carnivores. Fact.
I just did!

It depends on how these 2 xxxivores are defined doesn't it - i couldn't give a shit what any of these xxxivorse are.

I have been veggie, vegan, a juicer and everything in between, i have fasted on water, fasted on juice, cleansed my liver for over a year and read just about everything about alternative diet & nutrition.

And now i eat everything and i am happy and healthy and don't give a shit what so called science says about food - i avoid obviously chemical & processed shit and moderate all things like alcohol & drugs & medicines - but you know the bottom line is I'm happy! I don't have to brain wank anymore. I believe this makes me happy with the minimum of brain wanking & mental stress.
Check out Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride's videos on food is your medicine and MUCH more.

There 'should be' 1000's of REAL, high quality photograph's of earth from space/moon all over the internet - WHERE ARE THEY?!
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