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Originally Posted by grandmasterp View Post
Frugivorous is today's official word.
Love it.
Thank you.

Read somewhere once....
"If you were stranded starving on cannibal island and the natives took you in as one of their own it wouldn't be too long before roast leg of shipwrecked missionary smelt and tasted just yummy for your Sunday lunch".
I don't see how that pertains to bacon.

BUT just for the record I am not into roast leg of shipwrecked missionary.

If you took 30 people and placed them in a mountain wilderness say mid-October where its getting fairly cold at night.

10 of the people are hunter/gatherers.
10 of them are 100% pure vegan.
10 of them are veggies but could eat meat IF they needed to.

Now the 10 H/G's have a camp site set up and fire going with in the first few hours and start work on shelter for the coming night.

The vegans have no clue on how to live off the land, strange fact that I have been asking to all the vegans I know, and trust me I know a lot more then you may think. Its about 1 in 20+ that could live off the land or even have the first clue about growing a garden, and that I find odd, as a meat eater. So vegan group gets lucky one of the veggies can live off the land and has a clue about what plants, roots, berry's or tree bark can be used to keep you alive.

So day 2 starts and H/G group breaks into 2 man groups and some lay simple snare traps, and dead falls and a few others work to make weapons for bigger game. By the end of the day they have 2 rabbits.

Now the veggie with living off the land skills formed a gathering people and told them to go out and pick different things. Sadly one vegan found some mushrooms and ate them and got sick and died hours later, and another ate some berry's and got sick and should live. They found a field with Dandelion's and dug up the roots, Clovers that were still green, Asparagus and Onions also wild. Only problem is that said field only has about 2 days worth of food in it, but mixed with the rabbit you might get 4 or 5 days.

So the first week goes by with out to many problem, the group also gets a deer, and elk so they have more than enough meat to go around, problem is finding veggies for the vegans. At the end of the 2nd week you get your first snowfall and here is where the real problem starts, in the past 2 week the H/G's have made some clothes out of the animals they killed to out fit the group with warmer stuff, and here the vegans have a major problem, not just in the fact they cant eat meat, but the fact they could not be covered in dead animals.

Now do to the fact this is a bacon thread I will make it a happy ending since a vegan finds a cabin in the woods with a chest freezer full of bacon.
"Always make the audience suffer as much as possible."
(Alfred Hitchcock.)

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