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You know TASMANIA was just one location in OZ where there were plans
to set up The Jewish Homeland...and then there's also the BOXING KANGAROO and TASMANIAN DEVIL in Buggy Bunny, oh and that LITTLE PENGUIN that was always lost, another OZZIE Native. Yep TAZZIE, a fascinating place, and just so we don't forget it, the ABC is reminding us, again, tomorrow night, with.....

Tasmanian Devil:
The Fast And Furious Life Of Errol Flynn

8:30pm Thursday, 18 Oct 2007 Documentary

Featuring never before seen archival footage, photographs and interviews with famous contemporary Christopher Lee (Lord of the Rings),
legendary Hollywood writer/director Vincent Sherman,
and two of Errol Flynn's daughters -
all of whom speak candidly about his revolutionary sympathies
and journalistic ambitions as well as his decadent lifestyle -
this is Errol Flynn as we've never seen him before.

Born in Tasmania, Errol Flynn was the romantic star of dozens of
Hollywood action movies.
But from his troubled childhood in Hobart, to his escape from Australia
after stealing the diamonds of his society lover
, then his death at the age of fifty in the arms of his teenage mistress, his real life was far more adventurous than any of his films.

Notorious for his love affairs, scandals and rebellious nature,
Flynn was also an aspiring journalist and served as war correspondent
at several armed conflicts worldwide.
He even scooped the first interview with Fidel Castro after the Cuban revolution.

His journalism and his fleeting Academy Award nomination for his
performance in The Sun Also Rises were his greatest personal achievements.

When Flynn died of massive heart failure after many years of
alcohol and drug abuse he was completely broke.
The high life and maintenance payments to his three ex-wives
had squandered his Hollywood fortune, and he had been forced to sell
even his beloved yacht and Mulholland Farm.

Always determined to get the most out of life no matter the cost,
Flynn stated in one of his last interviews,
"I've had a hell of a lot of fun and I wouldn't change any of it,
not for a minute."

Tasmanian Devil follows Flynn's life every step of the way
as he traversed great highs and terrible lows, interviewing his friends,
studio colleagues and children for the first comprehensive picture of
this notorious star.
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