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yes it is.
It affects the way the left brain decodes reality. i think it may affect the right brain aswell. Look at Michael Tsarion's work. The moon appeared from long ago. I think the alien base its even inside ( look star wars - death star) or on the dark side of the moon - the moon does not rotate as earth does .
A Nasa transmision is avalabile - dont know where ; there the astronaut says something " omg, they are like bees". Problem is, they are there. There is no problem.
What is so very important is that the moon base was there for some time now. So i think its has its porpose. I mean , i am upset myself that we humans are denied our true nature , the truth. But maybe whats there its good . I mean, for some long time... no1 in the galaxy, universe came to interfeer with it.
Life its a test, sure it is. Maybe that is a part of it.

The left brain, decodes reality in its own way. its possible that the thingys are that an alien - extraterestrial - i call him Bobby at this moment, may standing next to me either looking at me with hate cuz im writing this either just caring for me , taking notes about my evolution regarding .. stuff.

My opinion is that for a thing like this to stand there for such a long time, it must have a real porpose. we are hear to learn stuff, to experience, to live our lives, poor or rich, happy or sad, and think, prove we can go past obstacles, tests and dificulties with the use of our capacity. inteligence, brain, evolve etc.

Bottom line - we are dealing with smart , inteligent beeings. What we are discussing here on these forums and all arround its = 0.1% regarding the real knowledge and wisdom involved in nature, life , etc.

Edit : they have underwater bases aswell. they can stealth in sky. etc. i say on behehalf of myself , i dont think they on the moon are really responsable of the misery here on earth. we make it .. not them. If they wanted slaves, .. ho ho ho , they would have had this done already. We still are able to think, to make decisions , to make art, to act ... ration. lets be serious a bit .

First lesson : dont rush into hating what cannot be understood - human nature.

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