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Originally Posted by lurker View Post
Wako seige ended april 19th 1993
oklahoma bomb april 19th 1995
Boston bomb few days ago
Explosion at fertilizer plant wako april 18th 2013.

coinkidence ?
Satanic calendar anyone ?
Originally Posted by achilles heel View Post

April 1st (Egyptian Calendar) or 15th April (Gregorian Calendar) the month of Payni begins. Festival of Heru (Horus). Festival of Bast.

30th March (Egyptian Calendar) or April 14th (Gregorian Calendar) celebrations in the house of Ra, Wasir (Osiris) and Heru (Horus).

April 15th is the date of the Roman sacrifice festival known as Fordicidia - a festival of fertility involving the sacrifice of a pregnant cow.
Not to mention Thatcher being cremated in a mass ceremony before the world's leaders.

That April 15th date you mentioned AchillesHeel is also interesting. That was the date the pregnant mum from Lowestoft, Fiona Anderson, killed her babies and threw herself off a carpark after stabbing her ex. Allegedly suffering from mental health issues and worried that social services were about to take her children into care. More to the story than meets the eye?

It's been a bloody week so far. What's going to happen next?
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