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Originally Posted by the nine View Post
So that nuclear missile that was allegedly shot down, was that Trumps guys stopping the deep states North Korea false flag?
Is this why kim jong un met POTUS?
interesting anyway.
Not sure what's going on there , nine ...

I have noticed patterns in world events ... the WWII A bomb attacks on Japan then around 70 years latter Fukushima ...

Pearl Harbour WWII attack , and now this alleged attack on Hawaii, which Salla suggest would be portrayed as another unexpected sneak attack, this time from N Korea.

I think our memory of past big traumatic events opens up the opportunity for the dark ones to try to pull off something similar again.

Salla is suggesting a nuke may have been fired by the deep state (aka NWO , rothschilds clintons etc) ... but it was shot down ...

Trump is not part of the deep state so would not be involved in firing the missile ... probably he had no active part in shooting it down it would have all happened too quick ...

It was probably shot down by other compartmentalised sections of the US military allied with trump ....(or perhaps shot down by friendly ET's)
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