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The reason i am part of the AC group is because. I have seen things that AC is unaware of until. i showed up with this incredible possibility. At that point AC made a miner shift in his cannon. bring in to the fold the non physical presence. What some might describe as a sense of the spiritual. in the UFO community. he was not 1st. but he brought it in to his cannon. This helped him explain the numbers of exteratresserials. Which early on he could not. HE was quoting actual number of these peoples around us but could not explain how they are present.

Note i never pulled imagery from AC. Only said this what i have seen while watching.

This apossise Bill Myers more athisium approach to explain. his very unorthodox ideology while based on HIS imagery. He tend not to face his reality. Until it directly effects him. Stand on His idea 100%. No one else has any information to offer but Bill Myers. until you slap him up side his head an say here bitch look.

Both of these people mentor is STAND FREEMEN. Who simply ask people in this field to special. he did not say pollorize this ideology. he said we should specialize.

AC change his ideology base on current modern facts. he logged in here n seen. very easy to do. with in a very short time took on a higher level of enlightenment. using what he had learned. As he points out a happy face on the moon. quite a thing really.

n a show stopper. It shows how well they know us.

I think the main difference is AC has not back peddled his ideology. Its a consistent learning process. which has progress's with his advanced years an hardships.

here one last thing to consider. I can not say i seen every AC video or Bill Myers video. from what i have seen. there is 1 major difference between the 2.

AC has never to my knowledge said he was armed, or afraid. nor has he said he would harm an E+T. On the other hand there Bill who keeps a Glock in his fridge. in case he attack by man or beast. Beast meaning E+T

An that is a big difference when dealing with ideology

For every person human on the planet. there are 3 exteratresserials around them 100% of the time. We only knew of 2 as fact throw faiths. In my faith we these 2 the 2 witness's.
Its been like this since we have been here. its the same for every one. It doesn't matter what I believe or think. It the way it is, always. it alway adds up the same way. once the facts are added up. The inescapable conclusion is alway the same.

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