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thank you for the PM truth seeker 09

i been taking a a bit of a brake with the NEW FO out. Mom n Dad grab it up for me for my birthday

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UFO contactee Alex Collier

Warren Zevon - Werewolves Of London (1978) HQ

This image has the 5 objects of interest. The sun an 4 solid objects large in size the clouds / sky n sun shear the upper part sso the rendering pretty limited. the shapes of these objects are the shape of a Almond nut. seem to be on
the same visual plane. Meaning the shooter an the objects are level with each other so that not 1,000s of miles between them

This image has a compete symbol

[email protected] Objects

[email protected] This object is the closest to what the other objects look like. back from here the shear start bad n above gets worst

..... @ @.....

Sun *

The symbol it self is on unusual angle tilled left. This type symbol is used in the movie star gate. Moved to the tv show. in the Movie n TV show the symbol is the symbol of earth.
It should be noted i was not the 1st to show a forehead Glyph. StarGate used it 1st in fictional show move / TV show.

throw the years i learned what the mark of the beast is. I learned on my self. Know thy self. I know what I had done to survival my way up to that point. so it was very easy for me to face those truths an say that what made me like i was

Skys Awesome shot. hope this helps my friend
A is for Alpha- from where you came.
O is For Omega- to where your going.
I'll slay U l8rz

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