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The backlash gathers pace...

Statement from David Icke regarding last minute Australian Visa cancellation tonight.

By Jaymie Icke
7 hours ago

Statement from David Icke after being banned from Australia today

This is a deeply sinister day in Australian history and should chill to the core every Australian. The government via Immigration Minister David Coleman has confirmed that it is overseeing the creation of a blatantly Orwellian totalitarian state and he has now set this out in black and white.

This decision is not about me – it is about the freedom of every Australian to choose what they wish to see and hear without the government imposing its narrative on a public it is supposed to be serving.

Coleman has revoked my visa hours before my flight and thus banned my speaking engagements which thousands of Australians from all ages and walks of life were planning to attend and he has done so on the basis of ‘open sources’, which simply means that he read it in the paper, and on the say-so of self-interest groups founded on such staggering levels of arrogance that they believe they have the right to dictate what the entire Australian nation can and cannot choose to hear.

Coleman said in a statement to me that my visa was revoked due to my denial of the Holocaust – something I have NEVER done – and a list of shocking lies circulated by a self-interest group and a Labor Party politician who actually claimed that I am campaigning for Holocaust denial to be taught in the schools. Perhaps the media might do its job and demand that he provides the evidence – because there is none. It is an outrageous lie.

Coleman also includes as reasons for my visa to be revoked my views on vaccinations and global warming. The Orwellian nature of this cannot be overstated. The Australian government, which claims to oversee a free country, is banning me from speaking because my views are at odds with that of the government. This is what happened – irony of ironies – in Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia.

The lack of self-awareness is breathtaking in that Coleman does not appear to realise that his decision is exactly in line with tyrannical governments of every shade that demand compliance with the officially imposed narrative.

This decision is obviously political and not based on supportable fact with Coleman admitting in his statement to me that I have visited and spoken in Australia ten times since 1997 without a single problem.

Coleman is a coward unable to summon the backbone to stand up for the freedom of Australians in the face of lies and self-interest groups, but he has seriously misread the public mood. As I know in travelling the world speaking in country after country with never a problem the public are sick and tired of being told what to think and say – and what they can choose to see and hear.

This will backfire monumentally on Coleman and his government because he clearly does not understand that public opinion will be disgusted by his actions and this will confirm to the population that freedom is in the process of being demolished in Australia.

Once gone – it won’t be coming back.

For Media Enquiries please contact - [email protected]

Ticket Holders will be contacted in the next 24 hours.
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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