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Internet has short circuited the pyramid system for now........
John Brindley
6 hours ago

THE INTERNET, love it or loathe it, has revolutionised the way everyday folk receive information….

But, as the Christmas advertisements say, make haste because this amazing offer won’t last much longer.

Before the days of the world wide web, the natural order for communication made perfect sense – but was open to all-too-obvious abuse.

Many people are aware that in the weird and not very wonderful world of Freemasonry, knowledge is disseminated on a pyramid basis.

So those at the top of the tree have most information and therefore are aware of what the Masonic order is all about whilst those at the bottom are almost as ignorant as you or I.

It’s a case, pardon the pun, of degrees.

And that’s the same system that operates in almost all areas of life.

The CEO of a corporation naturally has a much clearer picture of what is going on – and where the organisation is likely to go in the future – than the man or woman on the shop floor.

That makes good sense from the point of view that a boss is paid to juggle a large amount of information and make life-changing decisions that go beyond the pay cheque and in most cases the capabilities of members of the workforce.

Yet, at the same time, it means most folk live their lives without being in control of their destiny.

All too frequent are the stories of good men and women led to believe that everything was sweetness and light, then being told at short notice they no longer have a job.

The same system most certainly operates in important matters of state and government.

Again, this can be a blessing. Only a select few will have been privy, for example, to the United Kingdom’s Brexit negotiations or have read the 500-plus pages of Theresa May’s proposed deal.

Thank goodness for that, I hear you say.

But it also means we are left almost totally in the dark when that mass of information finally finds its way down to the general public in the form of newspaper articles and TV and radio news.

We are then left to judge what is really happening from little more than headlines, soundbites and contradictory views.

It’s like a game of Chinese whispers. The original message is all but lost in the frequent retelling to the point where you can hardly recognise it at all.

And so for centuries this has served the purposes of the elite or the establishment if you prefer.

They don’t want you to know the real reasons decisions that affect our lives are made.

Tell our potential ‘heroes’ that they are going out on a mission for oil and to protect the interests of the Illuminati and they wouldn’t get nearly so many people willing to sacrifice their lives.

So we are told that we are fighting a fearful tyrant that could bite us and ruin our lives unless we take immediate action.

But this system of downloading information to either keep the general public free of worry or misinformed – depending on your level of trust – has been revolutionised over the last 20 years.

No longer do we necessarily have to go through the filters of the government’s press office, Royal correspondents or news editors on national newspapers and feed off unreliable scraps.

The Internet goes a long, long way to dismantling the pyramid system and giving ordinary men and women the best possible chance of joining the dots and seeing the bigger picture.

Granted it’s not always a straightforward task. Dividing truth from error is often a complicated game of snakes and ladders and even the most discerning of us will be sold a dummy at some stage or other.

However you really do have direct access not only to established facts but the knowledge, views and opinions of a vast range of people from all over the planet at the mere push of a button.

And that is one major reason why more and more are questioning experts, previously unchallenged narratives and the motives of those who hold positions of power.

For the world wide web is no respecter of the divisions of society.

Life changing information is now available literally across the board for anyone who has the means to go online.

Naturally, though, just as truth seekers are maligned as ‘conspiracy theorists’, there’s a price to pay for trawling the web and discovering nuggets of information.

You’ll be told ‘not to believe all that rubbish on You Tube’ and ‘stop accessing those websites’ and they do have a partial point.

For, yes, in the multitude of information there is garbage as well as diamonds to be unearthed.

But the counter attack to people growing in consciousness and awareness runs far deeper than mere ridicule.

Videos, articles and entire sites are being taken down for all sorts of spurious reasons but instead is for the same cause we were denied access to this type of information in the first place.

For now we can tune in to truth seekers to discover esoteric knowledge, pearls about the real nature of reality we are never taught at school or in college, and have the scales removed from our eyes about the ways of the world.

But the elite will not allow that to happen for much longer.

They are already seeking to restore the pyramid system on the false premise that they know what is best for us.

Their plan is that we will be cut off from truth and regain our faith in ‘experts’ such as politicians, religious leaders, scientists and teachers.

But, whatever action they take, the ace is still in our hands – or more accurately our souls.

For then it will be a case of truth seekers cutting out the middle man completely and turning within more often for guidance and inspiration.

The elite can stall, obstruct and lie to us – and they will – but ultimately the ‘truth will set us free’ and that truth has always been best accessed directly.
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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