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Default Volunteer Consciousness - Bodhisattvas

In Icke's earlier material from the first half of the 90's he spoke quite often about what he called "volunteer consciousness". This is to my knowledge some time before Dolores Cannon introduced a very similar term in her work. Volunteer consciousness or "volunteers" according to Icke were those aspects of the Infinite Mind that had freed themselves via knowledge (Gnosis) from the captivity of the low density Earth and the celestial prison system that it had been captured in. These "volunteers" who had escaped The Wheel had upon their own volition decided to incarnate or rather come back again and again in waves to the Earthly realm with a mission spanning various points in time to awaken as many people as possible and thus lead the planet and all it's inhabitants back "home" i.e. reintegration back into The Source of all Creation - The Infinite Mind. The Mahayana Buddhist concept of a "Bodhisattva" is very similar in theme to what Icke and others termed "volunteers". It is from this context that Icke may of been making his statement about "nobody forcing you to come here." etc.

And one more thing. If you haven't read Icke's earlier stuff I highly recommend that you do! "Truth Vibrations", "Days of Decision", "In the Light of Experience", "Heal the World" and "Robot's Rebellion" all explore many areas in depth, especially those having to do with metaphysical issues in a way that I haven't seen him address in later books. "It Doesn't Have To Be Like This" from Icke's Green Party days is also exceptional. I have not been able to get a copy of "Love Changes Everything" yet, but I plan on one day getting a copy and reading it as well.
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