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Originally Posted by lordzoma View Post
dynamite for the car or the DMV?

I guess either would work if applied correctly..i better stop talking about blowing things up now i may get had on some trumped up terrorism charge

Originally Posted by pleasuredome View Post
someone could ask "how can u prove its not stolen?" well, how can anyone prove that it is stolen?
And that is precisely what has to happen where i am, i have seen cars get confiscated by police for no VIN tag and engine number drilled out or filed off, then

they will attempt to find out if it is a vehicle reported stolen, they have to prove it is stolen or they cant do anything.

If its stolen, well you know the rest, if they cant prove its stolen they return the vehicle after retrofitting their new ID/VIN tag and stamping the engine block.

Even if it is a stolen vehicle but the tracks have been covered and there is no other identifiable chassis or engine information i have seen them return the vehicle, no proof no crime.

They may x-ray the cylinder block to see the engine number, when it is ground off, the pressure from stamping it distorts the metal and you get a number visible with x-ray. Drilling the numbers out 1/4 inch means they cant get a number.

So my point is a lack of VIN plate and engine number alone is not enough for them to permanently take possesion of the vehicle, however the police are likely to seize it for inspection if these are missing or tampered.
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