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Originally Posted by thelyran View Post
...that's strange.The last 3 cars I built,all 1967 HR Holdens,were write-offs with only one having previous history with the RTA.I had to go back to the wreckers to get a docket to prove I bought the vehicles.Just to get them registered.Even the engines I use had no previous history,except one stroker
engine,that was remanufactured by Roadrunner(186cu through to 210cu).
Might have something to do with the age of the has no VIN,just a chassis number.You can change the type with a pop rivet gun,like upgrading from standard,special to the more lucrative premiere X2,providing you have a collection of I.D I have...haha.
Best method of disposal is demolition derby though....I'm about to donate
a 1965 HD wagon,should go well...since the other drivers are using 1980s and up shit-boxes,it'll be like knife to butter.
its probably to do with how old the cars are. i guess you could inform the dvla that the car is scrapped, remove the vin and reg plates. then there is no proof that the car was the previously registered vehicle. there is no law that says a car must have a vin plate. its for their use, not yours.

someone could ask "how can u prove its not stolen?" well, how can anyone prove that it is stolen?
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