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i too have had fun with the dvla.... and sent in a claim of proof, and asked them to change thier records, so that i am nolonger the keeper but the owner, also i have stated that i will not display tax for private use and that i do not contract drive.and when i do i will choose to contract .. then after that one i sent in a request for all the info on my files under the freedom of information , still awaiting that..
The joe on the front lines have no idea what is going on ...they just push the buttons that they have been allowed and told to push, so only expect them to think that way ... ...
once the info comes back then i can see what action if any, i should take next to reclaim my propaty.......
as for tax , i stopped that in october, i have been followed a few times,
in fact three time on christmas eve on my route across the motorway network ......but not stopped... I did go and speak with the local police about my no tax state and that i had a dispute with my contract with dvla...... and was told that.... that's ok , explain this if any officer stops you and they should understand ....but they will follow it up and report it back to the dvla ..... but yes they do know and understand private travell and public driver.

everyone must do what they feel is right ...... for only they will be the ones who have to state the reason to the enforcement joey ...if they stop you. (The AT's video is a good starting point on how to act when stopped by the police ).

freedom is the grandchildren we are the caretakers
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