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UG Krishnamurti's take on meditation

Pg 268 of Biology of Enlightenment

Paul: But meditation does give results.

UG: Yes, meditation gives immediate results and that is what you want. But, basically, meditation is in the opposite direction, although it produces the result you want. It is not in the direction of liquidating what you want to liquidate.

Paul: Meditation also makes feel free.

UG: Feeling free is not good enough (laughs). Even a drunkard feels free and something extraordinary. He gets strength to do something which he cannot do normally. Meditation produces exactly the same thing. Feeling important, peaceful, free, doesn't mean anything. It comes and then it's gone. Since it is moving, you want to find a permanent thing. You want permanent peace, but there is no such thing. Everything is a movement of thought. Feeling free, happy, blissful are all thoughts and they have to move, they cannot stay. When you understand that, there is nothing you can do about the movement of thought, and your approach to the subject changes.

See, what is the purpose behind meditating again and again? You have felt something good and you want that back again and again. After that feeling is gone you are back again in the same rut. But when you let that move in its own way what comes next is also a peaceful thing. Anything that happens is what it is.

But here meditation is a way of life. Everything you look at is a mystery to you. This is the movement of life which you don't manipulate according to your wishes. In fact, there are no wishes. But the problem with you is that you read thoughts, some as desirable and some as not desirable, bad, evil and so on.

Paul: No, when I am meditating I don't censor thoughts. I let them come and go.

UG: Then why do you have to meditate? It is an endless process, thoughts keep coming and going. You can't empty the ocean. But you hope that one day you will, and that will never happen.

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