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Originally Posted by artardfiesta View Post
it is difficult. I see it as a muscle you have to build up. Definitely not something you can do overnight or in the span of a 3 month course. But definitely something that everyone should be focused on building instead of giving their energy to pursuits of money, sex or following keeping up with the kardashians
thats exactly it---building a muscle-a spiritual muscle. 3 month retreats are
definitely the way to go if youre serious. in korea it is said that theres 40
real practice monasteries in the country---deadly serious places. the smmer
retreat is 3 months every day no break. winter retreat the same 3 months
get up about 3am and theres at least 12hrs of sitting and walking mandatory
practice wiyh a bit of chanting also. ive done 5 of those retreats. its the very
best thing you can do with your life
but even 1hr practice is good---much better than nothing
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