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Originally Posted by bendoon View Post

They are owned by millions of small shareholders through pension schemes, the biggest shareholders are US State and Federal Government workers. police, fire service etc pension schemes, the Norwegian Government pension scheme has over 500 billion invested. The directors are paid a salary and do not own the companies. So in effect they are half way between private and publicly owned although they are more Communist since the directors do not get any profit from the company.

A truly private company would be owned by a single person or family or a partnership, none of the largest companies are owned in that way.
You are twisting things a little bit. To get on the board you have to have a very large number of shares, you can't just be anybody. Yeah the get salaries, but they also get capital gains, and they have a far larger share than any member of the public. Not to mention that they all cook the books anyways and manipulate profits/losses etc. so they never really give the public what they fully deserve. Corporations are still essentially private. A private group of people make decisions and make far greater profits than anybody else. No corporations aren't anything communist at all, if they were it would be equal shares for every citizen and u wouldnt have to buy them,corporations are nothing like that.

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