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Arrow Hand to Hand Combat

The Rum Ration..
The rum ration was originally beer with a daily ration of one gallon.. This official allowance continued till after the Napoleonic Wars.. When beer was not available, as it would often spoil easily, it could be substituted by a pint of wine or half a pint of spirits depending on what was locally available.. In later years, the political influence of the West Indian planters led to rum being given the preference over arrack and other spirits...

Master and Commander CLIP..

The Battle of Ashdown, in Berkshire (possibly the part now in Oxfordshire), took place on 8 January 871.. Alfred the Great, then a prince of only 21, led the army of his brother, King Ethelred of Wessex, in a victorious battle against the invading Danes..Accounts of the battle are based to a large extent on Asser's Life of Alfred, however there is some dispute about whether this is an authentic account... head feels like there's a Frenchman living in it.. Where am I?.Alas! shall I never see England more?. Her rolling fields, her swooping swallows..And her playful sheep...

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