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Arrow Commander Sarah

Red Storm Rising Cover of 1986 first edition...
West (born 1972) is a Royal Navy officer, the first woman to be appointed to command a major warship in the Royal Navy born in Lincolnshire and studied mathematics at the University of Hertfordshire before entering Britannia Royal Naval College in September 1995.. She joined the Royal Navy as a warfare officer.. She also took a law degree whilst on active service in the Middle East and is an expert in large-scale naval planning, mine clearance, weapons systems and underwater warfare.. She was trained on HMS Battleaxe, HMS Sandown and HMS Sheffield, deployed in the Persian Gulf.. West went on to join the minesweeper HMS Cottesmore as a navigator in 1997, and later served as officer of the watch of HMS Sheffield and navigating officer of HMS Somerset..West went on to completed the Principal Warfare Officers’ course, specialising in underwater warfare, and joined HMS Cornwall in 2003..West went on to command several of the ships of the First Mine Counter Measures Squadron between April 2009 and December 2011, HMS Ramsey, HMS Penzance, HMS Pembroke and HMS Shoreham...She has also worked on the co-ordination and logistics of the evacuation of UK citizens during the 2006 Lebanon War, naval operations at the time of the 2008 Kosovo declaration of independence and the British naval contribution to the Iraq War.. She was promoted to commander in January 2012..

HMS Pembroke is a Sandown-class minehunter of the Royal Navy..

HMS Battleaxe was featured in Tom Clancy's novel Red Storm Rising.. She was sold to the Brazilian Navy on 30 April 1997 and renamed Rademaker\HMS Sandown (M101) was a Sandown-class minehunter of the British Royal Navy.. She was decommissioned in 2005 built by Vosper Thornycroft and launched on 16 April 88 by the Duchess of Gloucester, as the lead ship of the 12 ship class of Sandown class minehunters/HMS Sheffield was a Type 22 frigate of the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom. She was originally intended to be named Bruiser but was named Sheffield in honour of the previous Sheffield, a Type 42 destroyer sunk in the Falklands War.. Entering service in 88, Sheffield served with the Royal Navy until 2002.. In 2003, she was sold to the Armada de Chile and renamed Almirante Williams\HMS Ramsey (M110) set sail for another deployment in the Middle East on 11 March 2011/HMS Penzance is a Sandown-class minehunter commissioned by the Royal Navy in 1998..She is named after the Cornwall seaside town of Penzance, and is the 4th vessel to bear the name\HMS Pembroke is affiliated to T.S Skirmisher, which is Fishguard Sea Cadets, in West Wales/HMS Shoreham is a Sandown-class minehunter of the British Royal Navy..She is the 5th vessel to bear the name..., for every shot you fire, someone, somewhere, is on the make..What the government is good at is collecting taxes, taking away your freedoms and killing people..It's not good at much else..Being a victim is more palatable than having to recognize the intrinsic contradictions of one's own governing philosophy...

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