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Originally Posted by tortle View Post
It's weird that the tv show Survivor started right after the spiritual hurricane.
Its only weird until you realize the same people making those shows work for companies that are all owned by the same group of illuminated Luciferians.

They control our reality through magic. Inserting keywords like "survivor" is part of their hypnosis just like how they got us thinking they are Reptilian hybrids.

They aren't hybrids, they are just devil worshippers with tons of money and too much spare time that they can use for their social manipulation projects.

They also have technologies hidden away that are much more advanced than what we see here in the "stage world".

William Cooper exposed much of this stuff already. Just look into things like the Jason Society and you will realize something like the homepage was an early experiment in mind control that is still reverberating today.

The homepage promises "freedom".

Who else promises freedom? Well that would be Lucifer Morningstar. We all know his freedom is only to exist inside his belly however, so its not really freedom and neither is the Luciferian Transhumanist trash homepage.

The Illuminati can bite me.
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