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Originally Posted by tortle View Post
what does he mean: "The world has already been saved during the hurricane"

There seems to be a lot of emphasis on overhearing other people's conversations and how to not let it effect you.

Has anyone explored this?
In my experience, the whole thing puts you into a very flighty paranoid sort of mind state about people around you. I mean think about how it feels "fresh" to a reader who has not researched it like we have.

It puts you into that state then bombards you with new age philosophies and begins brainwashing your brain to blur the lines of pedophilia by suggesting it is perfectly ok to date teenagers. VERY WEIRD!

Imo the hurricane stuff and the "people talking around you" talk is a way of putting your brain into an very sensitive state that is easy to control because it blocks out other influences and opens up your belief system.

This is all very complex Luciferian Manipulation that is coming straight from the top and is making our brains ripe to push fake alien wars and new age ideas. It does this under the guise of being a manifesto for rebels and free minded people.

The Luciferians always do this, deception is their forte! Reality creation is as Luciferian as it comes! We unwittingly played into their hands by trying to find a way out. The way out was nothing but a TRAP to push us on Lucifers transhumanist new age alien deception path.

These people use mind control technology that goes back to Babylon and before. They turned our whole reality into a prison of lies. The homepage is them telling us the truth but also bringing us onto the reality creation godhood path ourselves. It is another Luciferian disinfo psyop brainwashing trap.

The pedophilia aspect is enough evidence for me. Luciferians are obsessed with pedophilia and the programming is everywhere. Just look at that Miley Cyrus dancing around with Pedo Bear stuff. She looks about 14! Horrific!

Notice another aspect of this whole thing is the idea that the Luciferian elite(THEM) have hidden super advanced technology in a backstage area and this is the ABSOLUTE AND OBVIOUS TRUTH, I HAVE SEEN IT

They use it to push fake alien sighting and abductions on people. Most people in this thread are mind controlled to push some form of alien deception or transhumanism just as I was.

J.K. Rowling is a fake just like Elon Musk and Alex Jones!

I finally figured this all out thanks to your guys's help.

The truth is horrifying!

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