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Originally Posted by solarclarity View Post
Castaneda was part of stage one of Operation Chaos, which intel admits exists because it's been partly declassified, although wikipedia spins the information as usual by implying it was counter intel against outside threats to domestic US targets, which is easy text to unwind, whether it's unwound or not, as with all these things

They even semi-admit the spin in the first part of the first sentence:

Nice Freudian slip, there

Then they try and externalize the threat, via misdirection, away from the cause of the trouble, which is > the media control the flow of information to the public and intel controls the media. And intel is controlled by the billionaire families and infiltration of ALL aspects of society is job number one

The guy who wrote freeyourbrain knew, as an insider would, that it was all an act, which he himself squeezed into a smasmagord of ideas and word verbage, 100% in line with the tenets Operation Chaos (in whatever form that currently is). That smasmagord included bridging words much in the same faux watering down of meaning, usage, that was seen with Buckminster Fuller. Castaneda's 'Tensegrity' is (an intel's ode) to Fuller, much as freeyourbrains's glossolalia is

The freeyourbrain guy is playing with you. 'Holodecks' comes straight out of Star Trek (1987). He gives you the runaround. Riddles contain truth NOT

Because intel 'creates' the differences and 'creates' the 'solutions' to the manufactured differences, across the board. It is a huge financial incentive, measured down to the last unit
Hmm well reality manifestation is New Age and thus Luciferian.

Luciferians believe that they are gods and are manifesting their own realities. They use ritual magick and worship Lucifer because he brings that godlike knowledge to man.

The Lightbringer..

You could say the homepage is a psyops trap to push Paedophilia and Luciferianism.

Luciferianism is also very PAEDOPHILIC.

dots are connecting....

There is something very dark and scary here.

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