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Default Reality presented as an alternative to the misdirection

Originally Posted by ninjashoes View Post
Very insightful, let me add some of my own thoughts.

The most secretive "black ops" stuff goes hand and hand with interdimensionals.
I see no convincing evidence to believe that, and certainly nothing that goes hand in hand with it

Although that is exactly what military intelligence has been stating vociferously ever since the so called Roswell 'incident' in 1947, which also happened to be the founding year of the CIA

Intel runs the media, including the 'alternative' media, which is controlled opposition

I do see much compelling evidence of intel planting stories, misdirecting the reader AWAY from the planting, and any doubting stragglers get caught up in the controlled opposition, some time later

Originally Posted by ninjashoes View Post
1. Much mind control technology has occult roots.
Mainstream occult info is faux occult knowledge such as the Kaballah, which was introduced by 'the banking families' during the Renaissance.
In all likelihood they bankrolled and created it via their agents, who claimed they has found the ancient manuscripts in a monastery

Intel and the STILL ruling banking families DON'T NEED advanced mind control just as they don't need occultic 'knowledge', to control it all, from behind the scenes
They, via the media, super hyperventilate the mind control hypothesis, especially in Hollywood, but Intel OWNS Hollywood, and always has. The mind control angle is a feint in a misleading direction. Actors make great agents, precisely because they can act, and they are out there in the media

Take for example Al Roker's 'MK Ultra' 'mind control' 'breakdown' :

That is so fake...

A guy does 17 seconds of acting and the alternative media call that an MK Ultra mind control breakdown

Notice the guys name as well: Al Roker (which is nearly A Joker)
Plus he has a presence at IMDb, which means he can ACT:
Notice he has 33 acting credits (Intel's favourite number)
He has 17 nominations for awards (as well as 17 credits for archived footage). 17 = 1 + 7 = 8 (Intel's second favourite number)
And 17 seconds was how long the 'MK Ultra' 'breakdown' 'glitch' lasted for...

Originally Posted by ninjashoes View Post
2. Those who use these technologies are also those who understand the many spheres of existence as well as how to channel info from beyond.
They would again want you to believe that, and as usual that is the pushed line
The Theosophy project was another fake project that intel pushed onto the Western consciousness (a precursor to the 'New Age')

The World is NOT a hologram and channelling/mediumship is fraught with disinfo

And the 'Mandela effect' is a HOAX perpetrated by intel now they have the Worldwideweb and know what to do with it. The 'Mandela Effect' would not have taken hold, prior

If they want to fake a news report or fake the death of Nelson Mandela in the nineties, they can do that. It is not evidence of a timeline shift
It is evidence of who controls the media. And now with the internet, it is so much easier to create a backdated fake history to support a fake event

Berenstain/Berenstein is an in-house intel JOKE, with connotations to the effect that people within the ruling families will often change a letter or letters within a given name or a surname to throw trackers of their genealogy scent, when researching somebody
The average Joe might not change his name or even think of it as a possibility, yet the people connected to the billionaire banking/industrialist families who wish to get ahead on 'merit', do it all the time

With the Kennedy 'assassination': 6 people in the car/4 people in the car, with Kennedy = BOTH.
Again no evidence of a multi-dimentional shift/timeline change
Intel ran that event, and they ran 2 different versions of it on 2 difflerent days, filming both, in so much as home made 8mm film is 'filming'...

Plus you have the different movie versions over the years, with different seating positions, which are either mis-labelled on the internet as being from the 'real' event, or people have seen the Zapruder/movie versions and mis-categorized which was which

The guy that put that sign up in the Cern video: Is that evidence of the 'Mandela effect ? No, buy it is evidence of intel's way of playing with you, letting you know they are playing with you as they are doing it. And that is all they are doing at Cern

Originally Posted by ninjashoes View Post
3. The human race/society has a "backstage" where the same mind control is issued out and this has been going on pre-Babylon all the way back to Atlantean times.
4. The Montauk project is where all this stuff comes together and I am willing to bet the same timeline technologies are involved somehow.
Stageworld and Backstage are intel in house joke words

When intel wants someone to 'finish' a project, they have 2 automatic fall back positions; They either fake the death of the person, or they fake the dissappearance or prison sentence of the person. The latter is just as effective, especially if that person is 'let out', after a 'sentence'. If anything, that only goes to reinforce their cover

Of course the 'Stageworld' is where all the actors are (intel runs Hollywood)

Originally Posted by ninjashoes View Post
5. Flat earth stuff proves that reality is perception and manipulation.
Flat earth is intel regurgitating one of their old hoaxes from the Renaissance
It is shocking that in this day and age they can reintroduce that
It shows you how confident they are in their own position (they aren't going to be truly 'outed' by the media), so they can afford the absurdity of that, one more time

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