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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
for that to work as a comparison the killer would have to be manipulated into killing someone by another agency

so for example the freemasons would mind control a manchurian candidate to murder someone; the manchurain candidate would then get the blame for the crime and the freemasons would get off free

i'd then come along and represent the mind controlled slave and expose the people pulling the strings
lol, all you are doing is adding layers to situations in order to remove the guilty parties from their guilty acts in order to blame others. No matter what the situation is you can just fabricate these links through the vague notion of mind control in order to connect some hidden group to people who are actually doing evil things

Its so transparent that its shocking you can push that out there and expect others to be stupid enough to accept it. I guess if you are desperate enough to want to exhonorate a bunch of christians who are known to be killing children in bizarre rituals then you need to have a scapegoat and why not have something vague so you dont need to offer any real proof to those who havent lost their skeptical thinking.
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