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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
Ha ... well I received a response to my email....sort of , sent the same day ...I think it shows this is worth doing ..

Dear Mr Hale,

I can confirm that your email is being looked into by the Chief Constable and a response will be forwarded to you shortly.

Kind regards,
Staff Office

Perhaps members can send emails asking when I can expect a response from Chief Constable Bailey to my email asking why there was no response to Mr Ickes email.???
if you run that through the Orwell translation machine it comes out

Dear Mr Hale ,

I can confirm that your email was put in the recycle bin along with all the other emails the Chief Constable doesn't want to deal with.

A canned confirmation of our inaction on this matter will be forwarded to you right after we have all made a pinky promise to batten down the hatches.

Kind Regards,
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