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Default "Agenda 21" more dangerous than Global Warming sca

Hello Everyone

This is my first posting here even though I am a long time fan of David Ickes website.

I live in a city called Brighton and Hove - which is in Sussex - and is well known as a strongly "green" city (Caroline Lucas is one of the MPs). And I think that the "Agenda 21/Sustainability" scam is far more dangerous than the Global Warming Hoax.

Brighton and Hove Council intend to REDUCE the city by 2/3rds ( ie 66.6%) in order to make it "sustainable." That's 2/3 less Food, Water, Houses, Cars. etc....

I know that it sounds absolutely un-believable - but that is why my blog article about it gives checkable references to government websites for every quote. Go to:-


Please check the article out and then bring it to other peoples attention!! Any further information about Agenda 21 in the UK would be welcome.
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