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Article on the future of music: Music Enhancing Technology:

Non-Invasive Music Enhancing Technology of the Future ~ Part 1

I have been speaking about this since around 2008-2009, and writing about it since about 2010-2011. I have experienced music enhancing mind control technology of the future extensively. "Benevolent" Mind Control you could call it. Without going into how exactly I have these experiences, I will go over what is possible with these technologies...

Every possible energy and state of mind can be reproduced by non-invasive electronic telepathy technology. What music enhancing technology does is serve one's experience various energies, concepts, body sensations, and more in conjunction with music. Everything one senses can be reproduced by technology, and every sense can be stimulated in conjunction to music to enhance enjoyment of the music.

Further, the energetic body of a person(which is basically chakra energy but it is approx. wherever you have physical body) can be influenced by non-invasive remote influencing technology. I have called these technologies and methods "energetics".

The energetic body of a person is generally contained within their physical body area, but can be technologically influenced to stretch outside of the body. This can be done to create pretty amazing experiences both in conjunction to music, or just on its own.

Colors, any concepts and everything that I mention in the mapping electromagnetics articles can be applied to one's energetic body.

There are many methods for technological music enhancing I will be covering more in depth in future renditions of this series. I just wanted to publish an introductory post and get this out their as soon as possible as I have not heard a peep from any other source about this, and I know this will be a big thing for entertainment of the future.

I note I would not touch these technologies with human operators(at least initially), but to each their own...

In part 2 of this series I will cover parts of the relationship of sound and consciousness, Universal Aspects, and some philosophy of sound.

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