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Originally Posted by petercookie View Post
Yep this is something what i havent really thought about and i over look it abit. I need to learn more about first aid ect because tbh i have my survival/camping bag but i dont even have a first aid kit in it..... I just HOPE, i dont get ill

What would you say are the commonest things that you want to be prepared for?? (So to include it in a first aid kit....) I would like mostly just the basic stuff in a first aid kit, just to make it compact and easy to transport.

(And lets not forget that if someone dies on you, its not always that bad, you can eat them if they are abit fat, Abit of cannabalism ...... (In all honesty though If i was dead i would not mind someone eating the body....Its good to be of service.......... )

Thanks for the links too, i will check them out one time

Sorry PC missed your post somehow trolls at work I guess.

In my experience headaches, diarrhea, superficial cuts and scraps are the most common.

Some imodium is a handy extra.

I found the basic first aid kit that you would find in the supermarket is a good start, then just add a few extra's like paracetamol, antiseptic cream, a scalpel, some good snips and some sutures for doing a Rambo on yourself LOL plus a little booklet and pen"Important".oh I always have some Tampax super in as well as I'm a thoughtful soul

The poster infinategood could well be a handy bod in camp as she likes machetes and could joint the cadaver ready for the BBQ

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