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Originally Posted by rapunzel View Post
Why would ventilation shafts be necessary for a dead body, particularly given the immense difficulties in constructing them and why do the shafts not go all the way to the outside from the queen's chamber and why are there doors in some of them?
I think the existence of air shafts in the great Pyramid indicate that the building was likely more for the use of a living person than a dead one.

Typically Egyptian dignitaries were buried in tombs and mastabas whose walls were richly painted with good things for them to populate the next life.

Why are all the greatest pyramids devoid of internal ornamentation typical of actual tombs of that time? Why also are the walls of the Pyramid of Unas covered with the Book of Coming forth by Day, which is actually a ritualistic set of instructions involved in initiations into the Egyptian mysteries.

Tombs were always covered with the things the Pharoah needed in the next life. Fruit, servants, cows, food. And also symbols of his power and his unity with the Gods of the Egyptian pantheon. The pyramid of Unas doesn't have this, it has monsters, pits, snakes and codes. It is not something for someone who has died, it is for someone who is very much alive.

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