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The rule of using parans are that they are day marked.

The cornerstone of House of the Temple was laid on October 18th 1911, it was completed on same date in 1915, so i will only show astronomy picture for 1911, as 1915 would show same alignments. At midnight day start at location it will show Sirius rising along horizon in the East.

The Ground breaking ceremony happened on May 31st 1911, in Washington DC, this time ancient greek day marker was used at location being sunset previous to date, as Sun set along horizon in West, so did Sirius, this is intentional aligning by astronomy, very like the ancient egyptians.

So May 31st 1911 becomes sunset on 30th May, please remember that the House of the Temple is modeled after the Tomb of Mausolus, and Albert Pike is buried there.

Astronomy graphs below:-

You would be staggered if you knew how much of the history of the world was aligned the same way!

I must catch up on another thread about W.W.1., i'll be back in a few days.
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