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Originally Posted by techman View Post
I hear this fingerprinting for dinners at school stuff all the time in the alternative community, but to be honest I find it hard to believe it's happening, or at least on a huge scale. Not because it sounds hard to believe (very much the opposite) but rather because you'd think parents and even teachers would be talking about it, and as a result, sure to God people would be complaining about and noticing this is very intrusive. Instead I just hear the odd snippet rumour from certain people, and when I mention all this to my partner (btw we have kids ourselves) she just laughs and rolls her eyes over, and if listens to me she'll just say they'll never do that.

How much of this is happening, and if it is and being done in a very sneaky way without anyone but the children knowing, then how do we know this is really going on? Do parents receive a newsletter mentioning this and a consent form stating "please tick if you allow your child/s to be fingerprinted for school dinners?", etc?. If this is the case then then sure to God people would be a little worried, and know doubt a few of the more less brainwashed parents wont be consenting to this. I can't imagine every bloody parent saying yes to this. I won't allow my childrens photos at school to published on the schools website (not because of the usual "pero" bullshit, but because I don't want my kids images to be databased), so they have to put some pisstake smiley face over the top, looks silly and people look at me as if I've lost the plot, but I'd rather have that.

If this is being done on the down low without anyone outside the teachers knowing, then surely teachers are gonna be rather concerned why it's being kept hush hush.
yes, this is happening at my friend's kids school, its not being done on the quiet, its a fully implemented system, the app is downloaded from the school and the fingerprint scanner is at the dinner queue.

heres the website

anonymous link to


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