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The reason I posted was not for "woe is me" but rather to highlight that there are people who have legitimate limitations on what they can do. It is all well and good to talk about intricate defenses or nomadic living off the land but it should be tempered with more basic work arounds for those who do not have that option.

Even though I am crippling up, I can garden. I just have to scoot around on my butt instead of leaning or squatting. Therefore, I have to realize that I loose growing space due to my taking up more room.

The Rambos of the world amusing me no end. My brother is this way, he served 3 years in the army 20 years ago and thinks he has the skills to survive. He cannot identify edible plants, he eats a very limited diet of processed food, he does not hunt or fish, he acknowledges I can still beat him up if need be because of my years of martial arts (I'm his younger sister by the way) But he is the blow hard rambo who can shoot a gun. Most of the rambos I have met are the same way.
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