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Originally Posted by iamwhoam View Post
Yes, a hoax/psyop.

I dont understand the labeling of this gematria system as Sumerian. As far as I know, the Sumerians used Cuneiform, which has a pictograph alphabet. The 'Sumerian' system from Gematrinator is just the numbers from standard English gematria multiplied by 6, so it is another form of English gematria. I dont like to use it that much, because it produces so many multiples of 6, possibly making insignificant things appear significant. I do suspect, though, that they make 111x6=666, partly because very few words would add up to 666 without the multiplication.

Edit: Dont know too much about 1110 except that it is 111 x 10, which would make it a multiple of these important triple rep-digits. 111 x 16 = 1776.

I dont know where that quote comes from. Nostradamus?

Nail, nail, nail is significant. Nail is associated with the Hebrew Vau, which equals 6. Vau Vau Vau is VVV is Nail-Nail-Nail equals 666. There are three nails on the Jesuit seal.

Many things having to do with New York and 9/11 have significant gematria. It is not because there is some inherent numerical code in the universe. It is because these names have been put in place over the centuries by Freemasons or other occultists. New York seems to be a special place, perfect for their two towers and for their symbolic entrance into the next zodiac age.

I dont know for sure. I assume gematria plays a major part in the Bible. The Hebrew letters have numerical counterparts, and I believe there are examples out there put out by academics even.

The Bible was written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. If you look at Hebrew and Greek charts, the letters dont correspond exactly to English, leaving room for interpretation. I dont think Gematrinator even includes these systems, but I believe they were used by Crowley, so they would be quite important. I dont do that kind of Gematria because I dont know enough about Hebrew or Greek. You can find it used though in Kabbalah books, or books about sacred geometry or occultism. I think I have quoted from some of those books in this thread.

I assume that god is not real and that the great architect is a name for the math underlying the order of the universe. Maybe they had a greater understanding of this order in the distant past if it is true that there was a past Golden Age.

English is a relatively young language, so it was not around at the time of the Bible. If you read English from around the year 1500 AD, a lot of words are spelled differently too. The gematria I have been trying to understand is modern. I think they use it to communicate with others in-the-know.

A lot of what I think they believe is written in the first post of this thread, although my thoughts have changed on some topics. If human consciousness varies with the cycle of precession, then humanity would have been at a higher level in the past, and this might help explain the building of the pyramids. If humanity was at a higher level of consciousness in the past, they may have had a profound understanding of math and the universe, and they may have written that into their language. But who knows... These are wild theories, but this does seem to be part of occult history.
I think according to sitchen, the sumerians used hexadecimal
That is 1- 60 before its repeats as opposed to our system of 1 - 10 before it repeats ..
Not read his books for a few years now
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