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Blackwater USA was formed in 1997, by Al Clark and Erik Prince in North Carolina, to provide training support to military and law enforcement organizations. In explaining Blackwater's purpose, Prince stated: "We are trying to do for the national security apparatus what FedEx did for the Postal Service".. After working with SEAL and SWAT teams, Blackwater USA received its first government contract after the bombing of the USS Cole off of the coast of Yemen in October 2000. After winning the bid on the contract, Jamie Smith ran the program at Blackwater that trained over 100,000 sailors..Prince purchased (from Dow Jones Executive, Sean Trotter) approximately 7,000 acres (28 km2) of the Great Dismal Swamp, a vast swamp on the North Carolina/Virginia border, now mostly a national wildlife refuge. "We needed 3,000 acres to make it safe", Prince told reporter Robert Young Pelton.. There, he created his private training facility and his contracting company, Blackwater, which he named for the peat-colored water of the swamp.. The Blackwater Lodge and Training Center officially opened on May 15, 1998 with a 6,000-acre facility and cost $6.5 million..Before 2001, tier-one contractors, or former members of elite, special forces units, were hired from a small pool of applicants. After the September 11 attacks, Cofer Black, the former head of counter terrorism at the CIA, requested that the federal government hire more contractors to operate overseas. Eventually, the CIA realized that a large number of civilian contractors would be needed overseas to accomplish its broad goals. The federal government turned to Blackwater for assistance.. Jamie Smith and his deputy David Phillips recruited, vetted and hired a 21-man team (777).. This team was then trained and deployed on a Top Secret project to provide protection for CIA personnel and facilities in Afghanistan. Jamie Smith and Erik Prince deployed with the team to Afghanistan.. The 2 then deployed to the Pakistani border as a 2-man element providing security assistance in one of the most dangerous places in the country at the time. Prince stayed there for one week and was in Afghanistan for a total of 2 weeks, leaving Smith and the remainder of the team to continue to carry out the mission...In 2006, a car accident occurred in the Baghdad Green Zone when an SUV driven by Blackwater USA contractors crashed into a U.S. Army Humvee..Blackwater fever is a complication of malaria in which red blood cells burst in the bloodstream (hemolysis), releasing hemoglobin directly into the blood vessels and into the urine, frequently leading to kidney failure..Kalapani meaning "Black Water" may refer to New Mexico is the designation of a HVDC back-to-back facility for the power exchange between the asynchronous phower grids of Texas and New Mexico...

Academi is a private security services provider.. The company became a division of Constellis Holdings along with Triple Canopy and other security companies that were part of the Constellis Group as the result of an acquisition in 2014..The company was founded in 1997 by Erik Prince.. Formerly known as Blackwater, the company was renamed "Xe Services" in 2009, and "Academi" in 2011.. The company was purchased in late 2010 by a group of private investors who changed the name to Academi and instituted a board of directors and new senior management. Prince retained the rights to the name Blackwater and has no affiliation with Academi. The company received widespread publicity in 2007, when a group of its employees shot at Iraqi civilians killing 17 and injuring 20 in Nisour Square, Baghdad..Academi provided diplomatic security services in Iraq to the United States federal government on a contractual basis.. The company is headquartered in McLean, Virginia..At the time it was a privately held company and published limited information about internal affairs. Its founder and CEO at the time, Erik Prince, a former Navy SEAL, attended the Naval Academy and graduated from Hillsdale College..Academi's primary public contract is from the U.S. State Department under the Bureau of Diplomatic Security's Worldwide Personal Protective Services (WPPS) and WPPS II umbrella contracts, along with DynCorp International and Triple Canopy, Inc., for protective services in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, and Israel..In 2010, Greystone was acquired by current management. Greystone now operates as a standalone, management owned provider of protective support services and training..A private security service, Greystone is registered in Barbados, and employs soldiers for off-shore security work through its affiliate Satelles Solutions, Inc.. Their web site advertises their ability to provide "personnel from the best militaries throughout the world" for worldwide deployment. Tasks can be from very small scale up major operations to "facilitate large scale stability operations requiring large numbers of people to assist in securing a region"..In 2005, Blackwater worked to train the Naval Sea Commando regiment of Azerbaijan, enhancing their interdiction capabilities on the Caspian Sea.. In Asia, Blackwater had contracts in Japan guarding AN/TPY-2 radar systems..Blackwater is the pollution produced from coal preparation..It contains copious amounts of hazardous substances, including carcinogenic compounds and heavy metals is a term dating to at least the 1970s used to describe wastewater containing fecal matter and urine..Black Water is the 5th book in the Pendragon series...

Blackwater is very close to Ballyconnigar beach, a site with one of the highest levels of erosion due to tidal forces..The Black Water (Scottish Gaelic: An t-Alltan Dubh) is a river in the Highlands of Scotland...On March 31, 2004, Iraqi insurgents in Fallujah ambushed 2 SUVs, killing the 4 armed Blackwater contractors inside.. Local residents hung the charred bodies above a bridge across the Euphrates. In response, U.S. Marines attacked the city in Operation Vigilant Resolve, which became the first Battle of Fallujah. In the fall of 2007, a congressional report by the House Oversight Committee found that Blackwater intentionally "delayed and impeded" investigations into the contractors' deaths. The report also acknowledges that members of the now-defunct Iraqi Civil Defense Corps "led the team into the ambush, facilitated blocking positions to prevent the team's escape, and then disappeared..On February 16, 2005, four Blackwater guards escorting a U.S. State Department convoy in Iraq fired 70 rounds into a car.. The guards stated that they felt threatened when the driver ignored orders to stop as he approached the convoy.. The fate of the car's driver was unknown because the convoy did not stop after the shooting. An investigation by the State Department's Diplomatic Security Service concluded that the shooting was not justified and that the Blackwater employees provided false statements to investigators..On August 21, 2007 Blackwater Manager Daniel Carroll threatens to kill Jean Richter, a U.S. State Department Investigator, in Iraq..A sniper employed by Blackwater Worldwide opened fire from the roof of the Iraqi Justice Ministry, killing 3 guards working for the state-funded Iraqi Media Network on February 6, 2006.. Many Iraqis at the scene said that the guards had not fired on the Justice Ministry. The U.S. State Department said, however, that their actions "fell within approved rules governing the use of force" based on information obtained from Blackwater guards...Documents obtained from the Iraq War documents leak of 2010 argue that Blackwater employees committed serious abuses in Iraq, including killing civilians..In December 2008 a US State Department panel recommended that Xe should be dropped as the main private security contractor for U.S. diplomats in Iraq..On January 30, 2009, the State Department told Blackwater Worldwide that it will not renew its contract in Iraq.. However, in 2010 it was awarded a $100 million contract from the CIA..Blackwater Worldwide is the subject of a videogame released for the Xbox 360 in the last quarter of 2011.. The game uses the Kinect-supported system and is set in a fictional town in North Africa, where players lead a team of operatives against warlords and other militia forces.. The holder of the rights to the Blackwater name, former company owner Erik Prince, holds the royalty rights to this game..etc etc etc... don't know where we are Toto, but it sure isn't Kansas..Qué porquería me resultaste, Gregorio!..You've heard of but never seen me, so I'll introduce myself...

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