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Originally Posted by 375hh View Post
melotonin is not the only chemical produced by the pineal gland,It also produces DMT the strongest psycho active drug known and is present in all living things,some more than others When Strassman did his ground breaking experiments with DMT and then wrote a book called DMT the Spirit Molecule which was about his findings.The interview with the subjects were most interesting,to say the least,with high doses many or the subjects said they experienced a vibrational energy through their body and a ringing in their ears (interestingly this is what is experienced as a precursor to an OBE) and then bang they were transported to an alternate
reality where they were able to interact normally with different beings.Even more hard to explain was the fact that when they took another high dose they were back again interacting with the same beings. one subject even said that when he arrived the being said we are glad you are back we have been waiting for you.Now some questions

1Why is DMT produced by living things at all
2Why do our brains have receptors to allow us to interact with this chemical

After giving this some thought I think the pineal gland produces the correct amount of DMT to anchor us to this particular reality that we are in at present in our biological form.
What do others think
I think thats some great research and an excellent couple of questions.

Quickly; I would say that we have such - the more I look the more I find that we are/were genetically manipulated by the 'gods', for purposes unknown, but some sort enslavement seems likely.

Yes being in this reality and realm also seems to be part of our matrix like existence - ie we either are not equipped to face the truth or we are being hoodwinked.

And yet animals seem to be able to 'see' the 'spirit realms' and know, even if occurring 1000s of miles away, when their mistress/master has died!

From my POV - an interesting experiment - I have had to use one of the new sensitive toothpastes - has the spiritual activity stopped? No! Will my spiritual progression stop? Maybe, yet insights are still coming thick and fast at times.

Spiritual activity (attachments/possessions et al) can mean that one is stuck in the lower realms of enlightenment and that could be the case with my partner and I, yet it also appears, that, notwithstanding yearly events such as Halloween, the 'veil' is thinning and thus more is being seen/revealed etc.

May be more later.
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