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Originally Posted by dunadan View Post

You are most welcome.

I too have had some interesting experiences when young and not so.....some of the experiences like demonic faces in the curtains and on my soft toys, when a kid, were, in hindsight, probably certain types of Earth Energies. The other stuff coincided with UAP activity and were more than likely PD/ET related.

Many have used drugs to unlock the doors of perception, yet such a route is fraught with problems and sometimes danger too. Any psychic or mediumship work, if one is unprepared and unprotected, not to mention a decent level of ego mastery can also be problematic to say the least.

Yes our brains can play all sorts of tricks on us too and sorting the wheat from the chaff, scoping the dross to end up with pure gold takes time and diligence.

You are right this world is multidimensional and 'the other team' are up to no good at the moment. The veil is thinner at the moment and getting more so by the day.

I have had one or two say to me; ' I wish I had your gifts of psychic awareness and mediumship'. I reply; 'be careful what you wish for, there are, at times, better gifts to have!'.

Take care....sounds like you are on the right hand path to enlightenment.


How fantastically put with everything you said

Take care too
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