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This may sound really weird.

But about 24ish years ago when i was in my twenties, i was walking in the woods. at that time i had been exploring the phenomenan of esp/psychicness within my own mind. i would search for voices or words and such like in my head.

as i walked in the forest, i felt as though i were submitting to instruction from what i imagined was a higher entity or higher self (i was very young in this sphere) as i searched for a sort of inner knowledge. so i felt compelled to kneel in the woods. i looked down in front of me and felt strongly i was receiving a message about the pine cone on the ground that met my gaze. pine..... and then i got the message of how i was kneeling on the ground. words pine and kneel seemed significant. then the words became joined 'pinekneel'.

when i got home that day, curious to what the eck it all meant, i picked up the dictionary and searched for words beginning with pine. i came across pineal. and it all started to make sense. pineal gland, what some people think is used for psychic stuff or summat like that. i'd never heard the word before in my entire life up until that experience alone in the woods. weird huh?
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