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Originally Posted by Getagrip View Post
I said in my post above that's it's not possible to change another's vibration. Some may think this is incorrect, for example you may say; Well another was trying to wind me up and this made me feel angry so they are to blame for my state of being. Not so, the truth is we choose how we re-act to any given situation. When living in a state of a raised vibration it's easier (imo) to be more empathically tuned into another to 'feel' what level they are resonating at. Choosing to vibrate negativity is only hurting self, no one else.
hey geta, good posts here but are you getting what I'm saying, beyond the should and shouldn't attitude?
firstly I would like to let you know that the posts today are appearing (and disappearing) with quite a time delay
and coming back to topic, yes I agree with all what you're saying that the one I can positively change directly is me and the ones that are changing indirectly are those who interact with me.
make no mistake, one can't change oneself without affecting all there is, indirectly.
and indeed trying to change others directly and own self indirectly as a consequence of changing others/environment it's where the world is stuck at.
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