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Originally Posted by iamhe View Post
Dear mods, I would like all of us to take a few minutes to be grateful today for a web site where free debate on these difficult topics is still very much allowed
Having practically raised our vibrations with this exercise, let's then move further and consider if having an all positive vibrations environment by force is a loving attitude and even possible to achieve?
I think that in connection to this thread it's worth mentioning my very favorite enlightening movie, Equilibrium
I said in my post above that's it's not possible to change another's vibration. Some may think this is incorrect, for example you may say; Well another was trying to wind me up and this made me feel angry so they are to blame for my state of being. Not so, the truth is we choose how we re-act to any given situation. When living in a state of a raised vibration it's easier (imo) to be more empathically tuned into another to 'feel' what level they are resonating at. Choosing to vibrate negativity is only hurting self, no one else.
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