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What's a Woodsmaster?

When I was a kid growing up and playing in the woods I met an old guy who went by the name "McCaleb". Mac as I came to call him, talked about the old time woodsmen and many of the tricks they had to deal with wilderness living. He called these folks "Woodsmasters" because they had special skills that made them masters of the woods, each and every one of them had the essential skills to make it on the land. That is the purpose behind this video series... to teach the skills needed to live in the wilds.... like a woodsmaster.

This series presents the special skills that can make your time in the wilderness more enjoyable, safer and make you far more confident. The videos are hosted by Ron Hood who will show you many interesting and important wilderness living and survival skills. The presentation of these skills is enhanced with clear explanation, great photography and many of the special "little tricks" that few but the most experienced Woodsmaster will ever know.

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13 The Woodsmaster — Desert Survival — (2) -
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